Lunch & Dinner

A stunning and tranquil area inspired by the draping flowers of the Botanical Gardens and the style and poise of the 18th-century Geisha.

Serving pan-Asian inspired brunch at the weekends and world-class cocktails every day until late, the Botanical Garden is the perfect escape. With a fully retractable roof and sheltered smoking area, the summer never ends in Opium.

The Botanical Garden has a capacity of 250 people standing. If you’re interested in reserving an area in this space simply contact Faye at


The Botanical Garden

A stunning escape inspired by the draping flowers of the botanical gardens and the style and poise of the 18th century Geisha.


A modern pan-Asian restaurant with a selection of dishes, drinks and packages for any occasion.


Experience the extraordinary in Opium's Lounge. A cool, modern bar perfect for cocktails and canapes.


Immerse yourself in colour and all that Dublin nightlife has to offer in Opiums brand new club. Are you ready to live life bolder?