Opium Bar & Restaurant Launches New Cocktail Menu

Looking for the perfect cocktail and food paring experience in Dublin? Or are you just a sucker for exploring the depths of flavour and the subtleties that emerge in a meticulously crafted cocktail.

The Opium Bar team have only gone and created an entire new cocktail menu. This colourful and sophisticated collection of Asian-inspired drinks has something for everyone. The team incorporated flavours from spirits like Japanese Midori Liqueur as well as all of our well-known Diageo spirits like Tanqueray in these cleverly named drinks such as ‘Heavenly Jade’ or ”Sunset in Phi Phi’.  Bar manager Cassio describes the menu as a “well balanced mix of exotic and unique ideas that catered for a wide profile of taste preferences”.

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Quite often the first thought of food and drink pairing is of course wine and that a cocktail might be something enjoyed either before or after a meal. The Opium Bar & Restaurant mixologists beg to differ. A key benefit of pairing cocktails with food is that they can suit a broad range of flavours rather than matching a single dish or ingredient. The Pan Thai Opium food menu takes inspiration from all over Asia and therefore dinner at Opium brings everything from ‘sweet & spicy’,  ‘aromatic & sweet’ to ‘umami’. The mixology team behind the Opium Bar have created the menu with this in mind.

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Choosing the base spirits of your cocktail that will be an important aspect in bringing out the flavour of your food. Aged or infused tequila will bring out the depth in chocolate desserts. This might look like enjoying an Opium ‘Victorious Sour’ with our ‘Dark Chocolate Brownie’ dessert.  Floral gin goes well with delicate seafood—try an Opium Hugo Collins with our Killary Fjord Mussels.

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All cocktails are €13.50.

Where better to enjoy a main character moment with an aesthetic drink than in the moody, romantic setting of the Opium Restaurant bar. If you’re looking for a taste experience, come and appreciate the intricate nuances and complexities that unfold with each one of our cocktail creations. 

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