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Opium Live • Sun 16 June 2024 • 7:00pm

Live Tonite is proud to present the Irish debut show of WOS, the Argentinian alternative rap/freestyle artist, who has gone on to become one of the most important artists in the scene.

WOS, born Valentín Oliva, is an Argentine artist known for his multifaceted talents in music, rap, and performance. Rising to prominence in the Argentine music scene, WOS gained widespread recognition with his debut album “Oscuro Éxtasis,” which propelled him to international acclaim, earning numerous awards and accolades. With a unique blend of alternative rock, rap, and elements of Argentine folklore, WOS continues to push boundaries with his distinct sound and captivating performances. As a versatile artist and cultural figure, WOS remains a driving force in shaping the contemporary music landscape in Argentina and beyond.Two and a half years after the release of “Oscuro Extasis,” the album that took him around the world, won multiple awards and recognition, and secured him a place in the history of Argentine music, WOS presents “DESCARTABLE” – his third studio album.In this work, he surprises us again with a fusion of sounds that achieve an imposing audio, deepening his journey through alternative rock that intertwines with genres such as folklore, synthetic pop of the 80s, emphasizing his generational crossover, while also not ignoring his origins in rap, and the most classic rock and roll, which lies between the most characteristic elements of Argentine music and Latin American rock of the 90s.

On June 17th, fans in Ireland (Dublin) will finally have the chance to experience the energy and excitement of his show that will kick off at 8:30 pm sharp at Opium Live (+18 show, no refunds). Get your tickets now.




€40-€55 available online from Eventbrite

Strictly over 18′s, I.D. may be required.